Benefits of Private Sessions

Unlike a group class setting, private yoga sessions allow Katie to work one-on-one with the students.  Private Yoga therapy is highly individualized and very effective at reaching goals more quickly.  


During these sessions, Katie helps the student make and attain specific goals with therapeutic benefits.  In a private lesson you also have the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns and goals.


Poses will be modified to best suit your ability or to accommodate injuries or disabilities. Katie also prepares a customized lesson plan for you to practice on your own at home.

Individual Private Instruction


Katie is available for private yoga therapy sessions. Private sessions can be held at Tribalance Yoga Center in Schaumburg, IL or at the students home. A private yoga session is not simply a yoga class for one, but a individualized private session based on the student's goals for mobility, balance and stregnth. Call (847) 347-3435 to learn more or schedule your private session.